Age: 21 Experience: 2 years

Specialization:  Dj/Producer


(+351) 936633586



It was in the municipality of Redondo, in the Alentejo, from where it is natural, that Dj Trief began to take his first steps in the world of music. At 19 he had his first party at Pitas Bar in Redondo.

That’s how TRIEF showed his skills for what turned out to be his great passion, house music. Always with great dedication and effort he played in the most varied places to which he was called. The invitations were repeated, from birthday parties to bars.

He became a resident DJ at Pitas Bar and Chapter 8 (where he is no longer a resident DJ) in these experiences, he considers to have grown a lot as a DJ and to have learned and grown a lot in terms of technical knowledge.

Also had the privilege of sharing the cabin with, Gamixx, Silver Soul, Dj Toy, Double Mete Cá Sets, among others.

A passionate lover, over the years he has perfected what he considers to be an art, creating his own style.

TRIEF identifies itself as a deejay of the styles: afro house, latin house, funk, commercial and Electro House (style in which it produces originals that many find on Spotify)

TRIEF is a person with courage and determination, passionately lives his work and wants to evolve to a more professional level and thus be able to convey to all his feelings for music.

** 2019 **

On March 25th was present at the 2019 DJ Competition, organized by AAUE (University of Évora) in which I am in 3rd place. 


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In 2019, the main goals are to make people happy with your music.